The easiest way in the world to create your own animated 3-d models of almost every concept and help students to create their own with the help of augmented reality software. 


Introduction- I have been using the technology of augmented reality with few of my students to increase the level of interest in almost all the subjects apart from literature.

The students have shown an unimaginable level of interest and understanding of Biology, chemistry, physics, geography, mathematics, health Etc


Learning objectives-

1.       The first objective of this project is to help the students design their own animated 3-d models of almost every concept and embed them with the help of augmented reality software.

2.       This project made the learning process more intuitive, interactive and close to reality. And this project will definitely help the kinesthetic learners to cope up with the read and write learners.


I have almost all the animated 3-d models that are required to teach a particular subject nad hence can teach almost any topic with this method.




Materials required-

1.       One printed marker to augment it with the camera via software

2.       One ordinary web camera to be used as video capture device

3.       The software

4.       The 3-d models( static/animated)



Steps –



Step 1. Download the software from the link-


step 2- install it


step 3- run it


step 4- print the marker with the help of software itself


step 5- attach a 3- d model you are having with you in prefferd format (3ds)


step 6- connect the web cam and play it, the software will automatically start to display the display for the camera


step 7 – bring the marker in front of the camera and bingo !! You have mixed the digital 3-d model with the real life. Now you can rotate it, zoom in, zoom out,




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